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The goal of the curriculum is to combine learning with the children's daily life. My daily daycare routine will include the following:

  • Individual greeting and good-bye to all children
  • Arriving/leaving time is used to share information with Parents
  • Individual and group activities are scheduled in the morning and afternoon
  • Naps are scheduled daily
  • Both active and quiet play opportunities are scheduled daily, indoors and outdoors, weather permitting

  • Loving environment offers cultural diversity, awareness and acceptance of


  • Healthy well-balanced meals and snacks are served daily including breakfast,

    lunch, and two snacks

  • Circle time is done in the morning and afternoon

The curriculum offers opportunities to learn in the areas of:

  • Language skills- reading books, retelling stories, conversation, singing
  • Art/Small motor- art work, puzzles, blocks
  • Music- music tapes, sing-alone programs, musical instruments, finger play
  • Outdoor/Gross motor- swings, slides, ride on toys, sand box, bubbles, picnics.
  • Indoor fine motor- dance, exercise
  • Dramatic play/Imagination- house play with dolls, dress up, construction etc.
  • Science- sorting, nature
  • Self help skills- washing hands, brushing tees, potty training, using good manners, putting on socks/shoes/hats.

Active daily schedules mixed with fun and laughter is the recipe for a great environment for child to learn and grow! 

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